Charity Number SC009095
Symington Kirk
We seek to inspire the people of the Parish and beyond with the good news of Jesus Christ through our enthusiastic, worshipping and serving congregation
LOVE IS ….. Forget Valentine's Day ……….. the real action happened the day before in Symington. 15 local children came and learnt something unexpected about …..LOVE… at the second In-Service Day club on the 13th February 2013. Besides the usual fun, games and crafts we travelled to the worlds of David and Jonathan and the Good Samaritan, and saw that true love can mean something rather different when put to the test. In Service Day clubs in February this year and November 2012 have been run by Cairngryffe and Symington Churches with leadership from Alex Kelly of 2CYtrust and Ann Lyall our local Deacon. We think these clubs are a great way to strengthen our links with the schools and local families and we hope we can continue to serve the community in this way.