Charity Number SC009095
Symington Kirk
We seek to inspire the people of the Parish and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through our enthusiastic, worshipping and serving congregation
First we had Friends and Enemies, then LOVE IS… now All Aboard! Was this our best yet? Maybe…. We had a boat, rough sea thanks to our teams of wave makers, sound effects …..and when Jesus said the word, there was complete calm! It was all about trusting … Trusting Jesus when things are tough. In the other story Paul was shipwrecked but he and all of the other prisoners on the ship, the soldiers and crew, reached land. Not one was lost. Paul had told them they must trust God and stay with the ship in spite of the awful storm. That was the serious bit - the rest was amazing - what with ICE AGE 4, BBC Reporting Scotland LIVE, ship making, talent spotting and more! We’d love to hear what you thought of All Aboard! Email us at:- Some photographs are included below